Thursday, May 17, 2012

In which I try to make a comeback

Hey everyone! *waves*

I hope you're all well! I've been absent from my blog for about two months now because next month I'm getting married to my boyfriend of six years and, well, pulling off a wedding in three months was a lot harder than I expected.

The last two months I have not only neglected my blog, I have also failed to read very many books and haven't worked on my WIP at all. *chews fingernails*

Well, I'm going to try a lot harder to post, work on my story and read. I'm going to start with a small goal of doing one post a week, reading one book a week and editing one chapter a week.

I have a couple of book reviews lined up, a post on why I love being a book blogger, an interview with the awesome Michelle Flick and a guest post by the amazing Mia Hayson.

Hope everyone's been well!