About Me

Komal Kant is the author of IMPOSSIBLE, FALLING FOR HADIE, and the upcoming WRONG SIDE OF TOWN. She currently lives in Sydney, but wishes she lived all over the world. 

Her weird-filled days are filled with imaginary characters who often speak to her in hushed tones before stealing her lunch money; Siberian Huskies who talk back a lot; and the growing need to clone herself so she can write faster.

You can often find her swooning over fictional male characters who smirk a lot, superhero-related movies, and Ryan Gosling. So, if there was ever a superhero movie with Ryan Gosling in it smirking a lot, she would pass out from an overload of swooniness.

Komal blogs over on A Dash of YA with some super cool authors/writers/bloggers. She is also in the Indie Inked group with a bunch of amazing authors. Stop by and check them out!

You can contact Komal in the following ways:

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Twitter - @Komal_Kant


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Email: komal.kant2@gmail.com