Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is it weird that I'm head banging to a Britney Spears song as I write this?

Er hem...*clears throat*

In somewhat keeping to the theme of this blog post, I have a question for all the writers. Does music help you write? Does it give you ideas, or inspire you? Do you listen to music as you write, or do you listen to music prior to writing scenes? Please share!

Personally, I tend to get distracted if there's music on while I'm writing but I do have a playlist of songs that I like to listen to while I'm outlining or plotting scenes. What I love the most about music is if I can find something in particular that really goes with the tone of my story...I get very excited and this is when I get great ideas.

(Song changes to E.T. by Katy Perry. Gosh, what's up with my shuffle today? Ok, so maybe I secretly have a crush on this song. Yes, I have crushes on songs)

This week I managed to write 2950 words which is alright, but I really need to step it up and focus on hitting my goals each week. My word debt is building up....eek!

How did everyone else go this week?


  1. good job on the word count! Personally, I cannot listen to music with lyric as I write, I end up writing the lyrics :/ As for non-lyric music that's hard, I tried it and the mood really mars the scene for me. It has to be *perfect* and I end up wasting way to much time searching for music for a 500 word scene rather than just writing the scene.

    Now that said I *can* write with the noise of 5 kids, the TV on the pc with games etc. all at the same time. Go figure.

  2. AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT THIS WEEK! my intense cap-locking is to show you my excitement for you!
    As for music, I have set playlists for certain books. It's typically songs that really inspire me, pump me up, or make me uber-sad. I notice when I am writing and have a strong sense of emotion coming out of me, my writing conveys it. Like I can tell when I was listening to a song and when I was not in the Twins' novel.
    Sober by Kelly Clarkson
    Witchy Woman by the Eagles
    What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts
    All I Wanna Do It Make Love to You by Heart
    Trouble by Pink
    Sober by Pink
    Glitter in the Air by Pink
    Barefoot blue jean night - er? I dunno the artist
    Defaying Gravity - Wicked soundtrack
    Are some of the songs for the Twins' sequel

  3. oh all sorts some days its music all the hours from grand opera throgh ballads, dylan, country folk, rap and onwards - other days complete silence - haven't worked it out yet.

  4. I love to listen to music while I'm thinking/plotting/imagining, but not while I write. It makes my brain shut down. Also, baby screaming tends to mess with my "process." Go figure.

    Way to go on your wordcount! You're awesome!

  5. yay for headbanging to britney spears! my favorite tune by her is toxic.

    i like listening to music when i write, but i don't need it. my best writing gets done in coffee shops, so i'm used to background noise, and drowning out sound when i need to.

    my current work in progress doesn't have a playlist (i see writers talk about that all the time) - mostly because my main character is a ticky little boy inventor who would wrinkle his nose at such frivolities as music ;)

    happy writing this week!

  6. Thanks everyone!
    That's a great playlist, Michelle!
    Gina, I also love Toxic. Definitely my favourite Britney song.

  7. Music absolutely inspires my writing. Sometimes I listen while I write and other times I need complete silence. Good job with your word count!

  8. *grins* I don't think I'll comment on that one. But yes, music helps me quite a bit. I normally can find music to match my moods, my WIPs or find some to drum up ideas. Music is magical like that.

  9. Thanks Ghenet! I like my silence too. It helps me concentrate better.

    Ryan, music is definitely magical...just maybe not Britney Spears so much, haha.


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