Sunday, December 11, 2011

ROW80 Update & Some Writing Advice

Since I am drawing closer to the end of my WIP, I have started to read books on writing. I guess, instead of reading in the genre that I write in, I want to read books that I can relate to as a writer.

As I find advice in these books, I'm going to post it up for everyone to see. Maybe you will find something that inspires or helps you. This week I will be quoting from THE AUTHOR'S CRAFT by Arnold Bennett. The passage below defines the first attribute of a writer.

"In considering the equipment of the novelist there are two attributes which may always be taken for granted. The first is the sense of beauty - indispensable to the creative artist. Every creative artist has it, in his degree. He is an artist because he has it. An artist works under the stress of instinct. No man's instincts can draw him towards material which repels him - the fact is obvious. Obviously, whatever kind of life the novelist writes about, he has been charmed and seduced by it, he is under its spell - that is, he has seen beauty in it. He could have no other reason for writing about it."

It's funny how I never looked at it that way, but I can completely relate to what he is saying. I will post Part Two next week.

I have been working hard on my story this week. I'm finding it a lot easier to write  2000 words in a day which is great for me because I am so impatient to finish this novel. I think my characters are impatient too!

Monday - 672
Tuesday - 0
Wednesday - 2183
Thursday - 375
Friday - 0
Saturday - 1073
Sunday - 2263

Total - 6566
Catch up - 2856

I can't believe ROW is almost at an end. I would really love to get my story finished by then. I only have three chapters left to write. I really want to get them done this week, but we'll see how I go.

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Congrats on a great job done this week!
    If you ever get the chance, read: How Not To Write A Novel by Sandra Newman and Howard Mittlemark... its great, take a different approach on how to "teach" and is downright FUNNY!

  2. I can't believe ROW80 is coming to an end either! That's awesome that you're almost at the end of your draft. You've been doing really well!

  3. three chapters to go! you so have this in the bag. any lessons learned from this draft?

    i definitely need to pick up some more craft books. thanks for posting that quote!!


  4. @Michelle - I'll definitely have to pick that one up! Thanks for the recommendation!

    @Ghenet - How time flies! I'm excited for the next round.

    @Gina - I think I learnt to just keep on writing and not think about it too much. When I over think, I become too paranoid.

    Thanks for your kind words!

  5. Count me in on the "I can't believe it's almost over" part. Where did the time go?

    Thanks for sharing the writing advice you're finding. I love those little gems. Good luck with getting your WIP wrapped up.

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Kim! I'll be sad when this round is over.

  7. You did great, and only three chapters left...I can't believe it's almost over either, not sure yet if I'll do next round.

    Love it that you're sharing knowledge from craft books.


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