Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A new blog, a new day

I can't hide it any longer. I have become addicted to blogging.

I have a blog over on Livejournal but I felt the need to create one on Blogger because there is a great community of writers here and I want in. :)

I feel the need to do an embarrassing intro:

- On most days I am a 20 year old female
- Everyone refers to my house as "the menagerie" (you will understand why soon enough)
- I enjoy anything related to books - reading, writing, reviewing, even blogging, I guess.
- I am a recovering coffee addict. I have been clean for 7 days which is a huge achievement for me.
- When I am not busy being an aspiring writer, I enjoy cooking and dancing.
- I work in the PR/entertainment industry.
- I have a long-time boyfriend of 5 years, recently turned fiance, who somehow manages to put up with my endless "writer talk" and temper tantrums I throw when I have reached the cliffhanger in a much-loved series and have to wait months for the next book to come out.

I am currently working on:

- The Kat Lyrille series which is a paranormal YA series about angels, demons, wiccan artefacts and all that goodness.

I have put on hold:

- The Serena Merchant series which is a paranormal Adult series about a siren with amnesia.

That's all you need to know about me for now and the rest you'll discover soon enough.



  1. Isn't blogging just so much fun?

    Thanks for the email earlier. I love meeting new people in the blogosphere!

  2. My pleasure :)

    I get so very excited when I come across fabulous YA stories which I might someday get to read!


Thank you so much for your comment! You're awesomesauce!