Friday, March 25, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

No, really. Where does it go?

You get up early in the morning. You have breakfast. You manage the menagerie. You then retire to your den - AKA the sofa - to work on your brilliant YA novel.

You then proceed to check your email. Go on facebook. Visit the blogs of witty authors-to-be. Check your email. Wonder if your own blog needs a little more work. Do "research". Try and think of a funny yet meaningful blog post. Check your email.

I have good intentions. Truly, I do. But the internet is so distracting and before I know it, hours have passed. Darkness has fallen and I am still sitting here with little or no progress. My saboteur insists on making sure I procrastinate to the max. But tomorrow, I will write. I must write.

Question: Do you suffer from these ailments or any of your own?


  1. Ah yes, Facebook is my constant distraction from writing. Along with Stumble Upon and

    Cool blog, want to follow mine?


    you don't have to have a Mac to run it - they have a Windows version now. Seriously, it is the best little bit of software you will ever download. There is a trial version where you can use it 5 times, then you have to pay $10, but it is worth WAY more.

    Basically what it does is take your internet away for as much time as you tell it to. You can't get back online during that time period without first restarting your computer. It is much easier to ignore the distractions and get writing done when they are not just a little mouse-click away!

    (also, I just saw in your sidebar that you are looking for a beta reader...I'll read for you if you would like - just send me an email rachel @ rachelbateman . com )

  3. Hey, Ruth, I definitely understand when it comes to Facebook being a distraction. Thanks for becoming a follower. I'm following you now :)

    Rachel, you made my day/night (the different time zones confuse me)! Thanks so much for the link. I will definitely be using it. And thanks for offering to be a beta reader. I will be in touch when I have something to show you :)

  4. Iwill do the exact same routine for days and then finally I just turn of the internet on my lap top and make a cannt go on farmville until I have written three pages... or I will indulge with facebook stalking after I have edited this new chapter. It works for me!


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