Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog About Your Dog Monday!

Blog About Your Dog Monday is a great idea which I discovered on Mflick1's blog who, in turn, found it on Lindsay Writes. Today I will be introducing you to the baby of the bunch, and my little boy, who was our second dog. Following in The Lion King tradition, I named him Kovu to match with Kiara's name.

Kovu is a big baby and looks similar to a wolf so people avoid him on the streets not knowing that he has a phobia of mops, brooms and basically anything that moves.. I have spoilt him rotten and he knows it and will come and complain to me if his daddy is eating something and won't give him any.

Kovu is a very vocal dog. He howls when he wants something. He howls when I talk. He howls when he sees me. He just loves talking. I will tell him, "I love you," and he will say, "You too!" (I will post a video up sometime - he is too cute for words) He is very intelligent and well-trained and I take him everywhere with me.

(And, yes, that is Kovu with a cat. My first cat actually: Angel who recently passed away. They were as thick as thieves and I have many cute photos of them together. Also, note the fact that Kovu is more interested in having his picture taken than in Angel.)

Feel free to share your doggy stories, guys! Next week I will tell you about the puppies - yes, there are MORE!


  1. What a handsome little devil he is!

  2. Omg! Komal, Kovu is GORGEOUS! I'm totally jealous of the fact you got your puppies to co-exsist with your cat. Mine can't be within 1 ft of each other :)haha! great pictures....


  3. Thanks so much Diana! We trained our dogs like crazy and, in all honestly, they're such placid dogs. It's funny, because the cats actually want to be with the dogs - I've never seen cats act like that before and all my cats are from different places so it's a mystery.


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