Sunday, May 15, 2011

ROW80 Sunday Check In #6

My progress for this week: 0 words

That is all.


Ok, so that's not all. What's wrong with me? Why can't I write?

I love my story, I love my characters and I get great support and advice from friends and family and from my wonderful crit partner, Michelle, who is awesome!

So why can't I actually sit down and work on my story? Does anyone have any advice or thoughts on this? Or any stories on what you did to motivate yourself to write?

I've also decided to change my ROW80 goals. My new goal is to write something, anything. Let's say 1000 words a week...that should be alright.

I hope everyone was more successful than I was this week.


  1. Sometimes it's just not there. Why is a mystery, but it's not there. Don't force it. You'll want to write when you're ready. I know that sounds like hokey new age nonsense, but I've found it's true. I had a situation like that a while back and my novella series came out of that hiatus from my novel series. I still haven't gotten back to the Destined Ones series, but I'm beginning my third novella this week, so something good did come from something bad.

    When you have something to say, you'll say it.

  2. if it's not there - relax continue thinking of them - sometimes I think the brain needs to really get to know the characters really well before it will let go - and knowing the story/characters really well is half the battle - writing is (apart from editing of course) really an end product - stop worrying relax and one day you'll get a shy little 'hi you still there? I'm ready now'

  3. Write one word. Now, that word looks lonely. You should probably write two. Well, maybe a sentence. You know, just to round things out. A sentence, that's it. Put it aside. Write another sentence tomorrow.

    Don't worry about whether that sentence is perfect. It sounds like you might love your story too much and writing it won't live up to your thoughts of it. Don't fear. Let go.

  4. Maybe you need a break. Try taking some time to read books you love, or books on writing. I hope you feel inspired soon!

  5. Thanks for the great advice guys. You have no idea how much I appreciate your encouragement. I actually wrote today so I am definitely making progress :)

  6. Ohhh, good luck! I know what you mean -- I've had more dry spells than I care to count, but what I've learned is that I can't beat myself up over it.

    Some of the strategies that I've attempted when my muse isn't on speaking terms with me include (1) reading books or watching movies that might have something to do with my genre, or the topic of my tale, or my characters; (2) trying to brainstorm what should be happening in a certain scene, or the plot as a whole (I have probably written more words brainstorming than are in the actual manuscript; (3) trying to write a scene from another character's POV, or from a different angle altogether. Above all, I try really hard not to critique as I write, which I really difficult. I usually end up typing while growling under my breath, "This sucks, this sucks, god this sucks." :p

    Sometimes, though, I just have to either put the pen down or walk away from my computer, and hope that things get better later. Best of luck!

  7. @jamilajamison - Thank you so much! That's great advice! I think the problem with me is that I stress myself out and put myself off my own work. I need to work through the writer's block, or whatever it is, and find other things to do.


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